Mission Statement:The goal of Butler’s Book Club is to fellowship with those who enjoy reading. As we read Christian genre books, we hope to encourage and enlighten each other as we strive to build a stronger relationship with God; thereby, increasing our empathy towards others.


Our Black History Month selection was Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. The book is about two half-sisters separated at birth. It follows their descendants from the African country of Ghana to the United States. The atrocities of slavery and the devastation it continues to have on the African American community is explored.


In her memoir, Mrs. Obama, talks about her upbringing in Chicago as a young girl, her career, her marriage, as well as, her eight years as First Lady of the United States.
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Our first selection, Finding Peace in an Anxious World edited by Erin James-Brown, gave us the prescription for overcoming anxiety by using the Serenity Prayer as a guide. The Coronavirus Disease has crippled and brought the world to its knees. We find ourselves overcome with fear, grief and anxiety. This book offers a guide to help Christians find God’s peace.

Have you ever wondered why a person commits a crime? How does a victim of a crime move on with their life? How do you maintain your Christianity after a brutal attack? In Doing Time with God by Bill Dyer, the raw emotions of the victims and the offenders are explored. In order to transform their lives, prisoners and victims are brought together to discuss the long lasting effects of crime. They learn how to move past the hurt and pain towards healing, rehabilitation and Peace.

In It’s Okay Not To Be Okay by Sheila Walsh, we were reminded that feeling stuck, sad, shamed and scared are okay emotions to have. Sheila Walsh helps you overcome these feelings by changing the way you think about God, yourself and your life. She lets you know that God is not looking for perfection, just a willingness to move forward. She shares strategies that will help you move forward knowing that God will never let you down.

Dr. Myles Munroe’s book, Releasing Your Potential, offers a step-by-step guide to fulfilling your purpose and potential. This book aims to release you from your limitations and set you on a path to reaching your God given potential.

Butler’s Book Club will awaken emotions and challenge your mind to a new way of thinking and behaving. We look forward to taking this journey of forging a deeper relationship with God with you through literature and meaningful conversation. Let’s journey together.

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With God’s Blessings Always,
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