Butler Memorial United Methodist Church’s Finance committee partners with VANCO payments, a nationwide renowned payment processor, to bring to you a state-of-the-art and cutting-edge product for paying your tithes, offerings, or contributions. We choose this company because (a) they are the best in their industry and (B) they are in partnership with our current online systems provider (Power Church) for recording and reporting contributions and other financial data.

This new method of payment through VANCO, called E-Giving, is not intended to replace how you are currently giving but represents a convenient way for you to pay your tithes and offerings electronically. As the world evolves and particularly in light of the changes forced upon us by the coronavirus epidemic, we at BMUMC must be poised and ready to embrace change that will be beneficial to the well-being of our church.

  1. Click here to donate electronically (E-Giving).
  2. Click here for step-by-step instructions on downloading the app to your mobile phone.
  3. Click here to download the Authorization Form for those who are unable to participate in E-Giving. Please fill out and sign the form and return it to the Finance Department.