Historical Perspective
In 1742, John Wesley introduced the ‘class-meeting’ system in order to enforce discipline within the society. Wesley’s classes were small accountability groups that met to help encourage each other to do right and resist temptation.

In his ministry, John Wesley established class meetings for fellowship and the development of a disciplined spiritual life. During the weekly classes, small groups discussed how souls were prospering and provided opportunities for counsel and comfort. They also offered an avenue for collecting alms to aid the poor. 

The John Wesley class system provided Methodists the opportunity to gather together to talk about their relationship with God in order to grow in love for God and neighbor.”

The Butler Memorial UMC Class System
The Butler Memorial United Methodist Church Class System provides an opportunity for everyone to belong. Small groups have been formed with leaders and in some classes co-leaders. The groups determine the frequency and format of their meetings. Butler’s class system is a means of fellowship as well as reaching out to class members to check on their well-being. Groups also provide the vehicle for communication of relevant information and keeping each other updated on the life of the Church.

The John Wesley Class system nurtures, supports and accounts for members in small group settings, as well as receives new members in the church.