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Kids Corner Mission Statement

Kids’ Street Children’s Church provides age appropriate worship services for children ages 4-12. The mission of this ministry is to make available opportunities for children to praise and worship God as well as learn God and come to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. In addition, fellowship opportunities are provided along with follow-up sermon activities, and mission outreach activities that are all design to promote the spiritual growth of children. Children are encouraged to participate in all worship service components including, but not limited to: music, dance, scripture reading, prayers, and ushering.

Our passionate focus on leading children to Christ and supporting parents in establishing a Christian home. As a team, we strive to do what we can to assist your child in leading about the love of God through Jesus Christ and developing healthy Christian relationships with other while assisting in the spiritual development of both child and parent.


Should you have questions about Kids’ Street, or if we can assist you in a way, don’t hesitate to contact Rev, Marla Hawkins at the church office: 703-683-2222, ext. 8217. Kids’ Street (Children Church)

Location: 325 S. Patrick Street – 1st Floor
Worship services are held on the first, third and fourth Sundays can month (between September and June) with an 11:30 AM service. Please Check i your child outside the chapel before bringing them to the multipurpose room for the service.

Contact: childrenchurch@alfredstreet.org