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Butler Memorial UMC commits to spreading the Lord’s Good News to His people through public service, ministries, Sunday classes, games, and more. Learn about our
Pastors who dedicate themselves to preach the Word of God to our community.
Rev. Dr. Allen Pinckney

Rev. Dr. Allen Pinckney Jr.

Reverend Dr. Allen N. Pinckney, Jr., serves as the Senior Pastor of the Butler Memorial United Methodist Church in the Bronx, New York, from July 2011 to the present. He follows a list of strong pastoral leaders and lay leadership in serving one of the historic United Methodist Churches in the Bronx community. Under his leadership, the congregation is continuing a renovation project to enhance the already growing congregation of 800 members. Prior to serving as the pastor of Butler, his ordained ministry journey began in Long Island, New York, serving as the pastor of South Floral Park UMC (1988-1989), Wakefield Grace UMC (1989-1997), St. John’s UMC in Elmont (1997-2001), District Superintendent of the Long Island East District (2001-2007), and Salem UMC (2007-2011). His vision for Butler is for God’s people to listen to the Spirit as a launching, learning, loving, and living witness for Christ in the home, in the church, in the community, and the world.

A graduate of South Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work, Dr. Pinckney received his Masters of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York and his Doctor of Ministry degree with distinction from Drew Theological Seminary in Madison, New Jersey.

A community builder, a community activist, and an advocate for social justice issues, Dr. Pinckney has provided leadership in various community boards and agencies throughout his journey in ministry and continues to advocate for children and families as the building blocks for expanding the Kingdom of God in these contemporary times.

In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, Dr. Pinckney served on the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church, the Board of Directors of the Black Methodists for Church Renewal, and as a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People as well as other ecumenical and advocacy agencies.

Dr. Pinckney has been a lifelong Methodist and disciple for Jesus Christ with an unwavering passion for proclaiming the Good News of Salvation and participating in the lives of those who are seeking a better relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Dr. Pinckney is married to Annmarie Pinckney. They are the parents of two children, Marcus and Chandler, and they presently reside in Mount Vernon, New York.

Rev Jessica

Rev. Jessica N. Brooks

Originally from SC, Jessica graduated with her M.Div from Nyack College Alliance Theological Seminary in 2017. While at Nyack, her degree focused on Bible and Theology, with a concentration on the Hebrew Bible.

As a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, she earned her Th.M in Church History, focusing on black church studies. Her research centered on the shaping of the antebellum black church and Afro-Christology.

Last but not least, she is a proud graduate of Howard University, where she first became a disciple of Christ. While at Howard, she took up Communications and Jazz studies. She has served as music director for Cathedral International North Hills in Bergen, New Jersey, and New Hope Christian Fellowship in Washington, DC.

Currently, Jessica is pursuing Ph.D. studies at Columbia International University.

Rev Abel

Rev. Estella Voner Abel

Rev. Abel is a longtime member of Butler Memorial United Methodist Church and has been the Deacon assigned to this congregation since 2001.
She has worked extensively in the church, the district and in the conference. She started her ministry with the youth as a Sunday School teacher, Superintendent of the Sunday School and even as the pianist for the children’s choir. She was instrumental in the formation of the 8am choir, a co-chairperson of the church’s anniversary and the writer of the $80,000 grant to mitigate the effects of 911 among the Butler and community youth.

Professionally, Rev. Abel was a high school science administrator.

Even now, retired from the conference and public education, one finds her involved in all aspects of church life.

Rev. Abel has one daughter, Elizabeth, who is pastor of Cornerstone Community Church (UMC) in Norwalk, CT and one granddaughter, Eva.

One of her greatest joys is Bible study. Since teaching Disciple Bible Study for two cycles, she has continued with an early morning Bible Study.

She calls herself a working Christian — working to become a more perfect child of God.

Lay Servants

Sis. Marcia Blake-Davey,Certified Lay Leader
Bro. Evon Rodrigues, Associate Lay Leader, Local Lay Servant
Bro. Roy Pickering, Associate Lay Leader
Bro. Clensford Griffith, Certified Lay Servant
Sis. Brenda Huger-Looney, Certified Lay Servant
Sis. Lynette Hunkins, Certified Lay Servant
Bro. Guy Loving, Certified Lay Servant
Bro. Stedman M. O’Garro, Certified Lay Servant
Sis. Sylvia Miller, Local Lay Servant
Sis. Ann Robinson, Local Lay Servant
Bro. Rashid Warner, Local Lay Servant