young woman praying

Butler Memorial United Methodist Church is a beloved community of hope and faith that proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ, provides fellowship for all of God’s people, and equips the persons for the ministry within the church and the wider community.


  • To welcome all for fellowship, worship, and service in Christ’s Church
  • To seek and embrace those who are lost, in pain, or have doubts or questions
  • To accept all as they are as we share Christ’s Word. Our ultimate goal is to help all people develop a personal relationship with Christ.
  • To engage in nurturing and empowering all people in the Christian faith, regardless of age, race, or nationality
  • To strive for the fair and equal treatment of all people, the support of our institutions for higher learning, the support of hospitals and shelters for all people, the support of world peace, the continuous enhancement of our United Methodist Social Creed and principles
  • To ask God’s grace as we foster relationships with other religious groups in the mission of Christ’s work

New York Annual Conference Vision Statement

The New York Annual Conference, through the Grace of God, embodies a beloved community of hope, building up a healthy Body of Christ with heart-warmed United Methodists in mission for the transformation of the world.