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2 Responses to Prayers and Testimonials

  1. Sister Eunice Kirkpatrick

    Psalm 128 Blessed is everyone that feareth the Lord, that walketh in his ways

    I miss the church so much. I miss meeting with the people of Butler Church. I long to be back in the church to sing and rejoice and praise the Lord.

    Without God I could do nothing. He is the author and the finisher of my faith.  Praise his name. Praise his name.  I love God because he first loved me and he takes very good care of me, no matter what circumstances of life I’m going through.  God is always there to protect me and watch my steps day by day. Without the help of God, it could not be made possible.  For that reason, I will forever give praise to the man called Jesus.  He is my all in all.

    I am part of the Evangelism Christian Ministry in Butler Church. As part of this ministry I call people each day and pray with them. This is something I love to do very much. 
    I have so many church sisters and brothers that I do keep in touch with especially since we are not seeing each other face to face.  We will read the scriptures, we even sometimes sing but most of all it is to give God the praise, I pray every single day with someone else. 

    I will give God the glory because it is not about me.  It’s about him, who loves us all.  I will continue to tell somebody what a mighty God we serve because he keeps us breathing from day to day.

    Thanks for the visiting ministry in Butler Church that allows me to see people and talk to people, to see people, more often than I ever think. May the good Lord bless our visiting ministry and may we in due time feel comfortable again to visit our loved ones.  God is good all the time.  All the time God is good.  Hallelujah to his name!

    Sister Eunice Kirkpatrick

  2. butlermemord

    Walk with God and you will have peace within and peace without. This is a journey we are on. Not one of us is righteous; we are all trying to be. When God blesses you, no one can take the blessings from you because you have favor. We must be a spiritual person to hold on. When you walk away and you are down, God will pick you up. He leads you but he will not force you to come. You must go to him freely. You will know when you are walking with the Lord.

    Listen to the word, read your bible and write down a verse because it lifts you up. People should pray. People can learn how to pray by opening the bible and look at Psalms and read. Ask the holy spirit to help you pray and it will happen. Everyone must learn to pray and learn to pray for themselves. If something is wrong, you must have the feeling that God will lift you up from your troubles.

    Do not let your mind be crowded of the things in this world. God tells you nothing is new under the sun. My grandmother always told me, God is so broad, so you can’t go around him, so high you can’t go over him, so low, you can’t beneath him. God is everywhere.

    At all times we are fighting the spirit and the flesh. The flesh wants this and that. When we pray to the Lord, he will decide if we shall get something we want. He may not give it to you tomorrow or maybe years later. This is up to God and God knows best.

    We must consider that no one will stay alive forever and people forget about there being a date. We must ask God for a spiritual bath. In this world it is hard and we struggle a long time, so we must be standing on solid ground and believe that God will carry you through.
    My grandmother said, when the doctor gave her medicine that the medicine won’t heal you. She said you must have faith and we must hold onto faith.

    When my husband got sick, I did not know what to do, but when I called on my savior he showed me how to do things and he helped me along the way. When good things happen to you in your life, you must be thankful to God. You have to know it’s God working miracles for you.

    Sis Nona Wright