We remember and honor those who have departed this life during the past year; they remain in our hearts

Thanks be to God that they now rest from their labors.

  • Jency Brinson
  • Katrina Spicer
  • Victor Patrona
  • Sidney Gordon
  • Vernon Nicholson
  • Winston Gordon
  • Mildred Lewis
  • Lydia Dunbar
  • Ashley Brown
  • Lorretta Riley
  • George Graham
  • Kyle Kuntz

We would also like to recognize members of our Butler family who have lost loved ones over the past year :

  • Sister Andrea Woodstock
  • Sister Carlene Asher
  • Sister Jackie Brown
  • Sister Apryll Waite-Campbell
  • Bro. William Bellejambe
  • Bro. Leroy Williams

All lost their mothers

  • Sis. Erline Straker – lost her husband
  • Sis. Rhona Wilson – lost her brother

Please accept our apologies for anyone we have missed.